Due to popularity we are full and can not accept any appointments

1 of 4. Due to popularity we are full and can not accept any appointments.

The only exception is: We need LV, Gucci, Chanel bags.

*** PLEASE Read over the What sells best page  AND

Consignment rules to be successful***

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BOTH MUST be read to make an appointment.

Thank you so much! 

3. Prepare items for your appointment.

Must be: LIKE NEW condition, Freshly Cleaned, No ODORS (smoke, pet, moth ball, BO),wrinkle-free, no snags, no stains, no pilling, lint free, no pet hair. 30 items limit. Minimum 5 items.

2.Sorry we are full/ not accepting appts.

Tue-Friday 10am-5pm,weekends are not available.

Email is best, we get a high number of calls.

reviveconsign@yahoo.com or 908.450.7416

*Louis Vuitton/ Gucci /Chanel bags call NOW! We have a waiting list of buyers for those brands only!

4. Modern consignment!

Check your online account to see what sold and your balance. Checks come automatically at the end of each month if your balance is over $20.

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